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Horse Management

Stirling Farm is very proud of the excellent care and attention to detail that you and your horse receive while with us. We feel that a horse's diet is pertinent to its health and overall well being. Not just the type of feed that is best for your horse and his particular work, but the consistency of feeding promptly day in and day out. Therefore, each horse is evaluated regularly. Each horse is treated as an individual with respect to its individual needs. Every meal is weighed and supplements measured from weanlings to senior horses. If needed, multiple feedings can be arranged. We feed the finest quality alicia bermuda hay. Quality alfalfa is available also.

Our stalls have rubber mats and are bedded deeply with pine shavings. Stirling Farm has a truly caring an attentive barn crew who keep the stalls, shed rows, water and feed buckets clean throughout the day.

Tony Tasso, a highly valued member of our team, will keep your horse immaculately groomed and ensure that all of his or her extra needs are taken care of.

Tony Tasso at STirling Farm
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